Bruce & Georgie Campbell


  • Entrepreneurial Business School was founded in 2004
  • Bruce’s role as a Business Development Manager revealed the limitations imposed by business owners on their own success
  • EBS focuses on guiding business owners and team members to reach their full potential
  • Vision: “Financial and Social Change through Skill and Mindset Transformation”
  • Bruce and Georgie prioritise their own personal development, seeking mentorship from business and financial experts
  • Successful track record in multiple business ventures
  • Committed to creating business impact and giving back to the community.


Bruce and Georgie Campbell were returning from a period living in the United Kingdom working in corporate and healthcare positions. During various Business Development Manager roles in the UK and Australia, Bruce saw firsthand how a business’ success could be limited or capped by the owner of the business and the owner’s ability to work on oneself.

The Entrepreneurial Business School (EBS) idea formed around guiding business owners and team members to reach their full potential in business and in life, the result, EBS was founded in 2004, the doors first opening based out of a home office in the suburbs of the Sunshine Coast, Australia to the global business it is today. The company vision: “Financial and Social Change through Skill and Mindset Transformation”.

With a mantra to eat their own cooking, together Bruce and Georgie have an ongoing commitment to their own personal development, with mentors both from the business and financial sector to wellness.

Their success in multiple businesses has allowed a parallel journey of giving back to various causes including both domestic and international charities. And leading others on a journey of realising that working towards something bigger than ourselves is where true responsibility and prosperity lie.


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