Why You Shouldn't Work 9 to 5 in Your Business

Why You Shouldn’t Work 9 to 5 in Your Business

October 11, 2023

It’s for this very reason that you have to get yourself out of the day-to-day of the business.  Stop working nine to five, doing the work of your business.  It’s like the carpenters that don’t run their business; instead, they spend all day using a hammer and nails, working IN their business.

Imagine when you started your business that you built it in your mind, and then again on paper a picture of what your business would be like when it was finished.  That’s right; you’ve got to finish a business at some stage and have it ready for sale. People try to sell a business that’s not finished, so they’re really only selling a JOB, and of course they only ever get a fraction of the price.

When you’ve got the finished picture, then you go to work creating that business.  That means working ON the business, rather than just IN the business.

In fact, you’re designing the business so it will run whether you’re there or not.  Then you’ve got a choice, and having a choice to me equates freedom.  You can keep the business, or you can sell it.  You can work in the business or you can spend your time more creatively.

You work hard because your business doesn’t.

Now imagine a business like that for a moment, where you didn’t have to work there – would the business WORK?  I mean would it function properly?  Would all of the systems and the people integrate to get the result you wanted, the result the customer wanted?  Of course it would.

Almost every business owner I’ve ever met works so hard (too hard) for this exact reason.  Their business doesn’t work, they do.  Everything about the business is in their head, and they’re the only one who can do anything, so they’re trapped.  Imagine my example of this book and how hard I’d have to work if this knowledge was only in my head.

Most are like this because they don’t trust anyone else to do the job.  For some reason, they believe that no-one can do it as good as they can.  They have to be in control or some other thought that stops them growing.

Take the step, start to document how everything in your business gets done, put systems in place, teach other people and give them the responsibility to get the job done.  (Read Michael Gerber’s book – The E-Myth for more on this)

All great leaders are good at delegating so start off-loading some of the tasks NOW!

By the way, once you’ve given them the job to do, let them do it.  Don’t jump in and save them, they’ll never learn how to get the job done.  All they will learn is that you’re the only one who can fix things, so you always will.  Remember, sometimes you have to let them fall off the bike to learn how to stay on.

Work for yourself and go the extra mile.

All that you’ve just read doesn’t excuse you if you’re working in a business that’s owned by someone else.  Remember, what goes around comes around, so give it everything you’ve got.  Always go that little bit further than you’re asked to, give a little extra and you’ll go far.  If you’re asked to stay till 5 pm, stay until 5.30 pm; just do a little more than you’re asked for.

By the way, this goes for your customers as well.  Don’t just satisfy them, a satisfied customer never tells anyone about you.  Give them something more than they expected, go the extra mile … delight them so they send their friends your way.

One last point here, the real reason to have a job is to get paid to do your market research.  Work for people you can learn from, in a business where you can learn as much as you can about the business you want to run in the future, about business in general or, about any subject that interests you.

The Key to Success is Laziness.

Here’s a controversial one but I’d rather have 1 percent of 100 peoples’ income than 100 per cent of my own.  If you’ve ever thought that you’ll succeed if you just work a little harder, put in some extra time, or just do more of what you’re doing right now, then it’s time you lifted your head and took a look around you.

You probably know thousands of people work hard, but they’re not really getting anywhere.

The aim of the game isn’t to work harder; it’s to create better results with less effort – finding ways of achieving more with less.  In other words, to continually leverage your time, your efforts, your money and your knowledge.

If you’re paid an hourly wage, you’ll never earn more than the number of hours you work, but if you and your business are set up so that you’re paid whether you work or not, then you’ve truly understood one of the key principles of success, Leverage.

Leverage is simply – the ability to do more with less.  You see employees earn money, business owners make money and take that one step further, entrepreneurs and investors collect their money.

The aim of the game is to create an income stream that flows whether you work or not.  Build assets that yield income.  (Read Robert Kiyosaki’s – Rich Dad, Poor Dad for more on this)


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